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Is a digital guide designed to help readers identify, recognize and communicate with different angels. Know your special talents to make your life on earth comfortable, happy and worth living.


  • Angels can improve the quality of your sleep. They provide inner peace by relieving anxieties and promoting a deep and restful sleep.
  • Fill you with divine light, thus healing your body, mind and soul. Angels help you vibrate at higher energy levels, allowing you to heal aches and pains in the body, mind and soul.
  • Angels can help you strengthen or create new healthy relationships. The author of Your Angel Guide explains that seraphim can help you achieve loyalty, fidelity and harmony with your ideal partner.
  • Seraphim can help you obtain forgiveness for your past mistakes, allowing you to turn over a new leaf, balance your karma and enjoy a better life.
  • Angels can purify your mind and provide you with divine inspiration that allows you to discover your creativity.


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