Try Backyard Liberty

Backyard liberty is a program that helps those people who are tired of using artificial food and are willing to implement a system to make sure they get fresh, healthy food from their aquaponic system.


Easy to administer

  • A person should dedicate a few minutes a day to the maintenance of your system. Minimal maintenance is required and no fertilization of water or plants is necessary.

The guide is easy to understand.

  • No jargon or difficult words are used. The author provides many step-by-step instructions with error-free details.

Less water is used

  • Saves water; therefore, people do not have to worry about high water bills because all the water circulates between the fish tank and the plant bed. People can conserve water and save money with the system.

Useful in crisis and non-crisis conditions

  • People do not necessarily have to wait until disaster strikes. If a person needs to eat organic or reduce the food bill, the system is right.

Takes up little space

  • A person only requires an area that is half of what is required for a normal garden. An aquaponics system takes up less space since people do not necessarily require a backyard.


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