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The Fortuna Money Prayers

Fortuna Money Prayers is an ancient archaic book with incredible power to reverse financial disasters. It is a prayer book that consists of seven commandments of wealth.


What are the features of The Fortuna Money Prayers?

The program is very comprehensive since it has different material for you to be able to use prayer effectively.

I did talk about this briefly before but here are the things:

  • Audio tracks with specific frequency levels
    This is where you will get an audio called Fortuna Salvation MP3and Fortuna Salvation acceleration release guide.
  • You will also get a wallpaper which you will need to stick on your wall in your bedroom or where you normally stay in your home.
  • Hymns which you will have to follow.
    You will also get hymns which you will need to do before you sleep and when you wake up daily.

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