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Hello my name is Helen Pooler I am a nurse I am 53 years old and since I was diagnosed that I had high insulin or hyperinsulinemia, I was very scared, although it is nevertheless diabetes, it is still associated with type 2 diabetes.

At first I felt very tired, I thought it was because of my work routine, but then my hands began to tingle and later, at night while I slept, I woke up because the tingling was in my feet, it was something abnormal for me, but Did you know that these symptoms are the first to appear in diabetes…

So I made the decision to have a check-up and the diagnosis came out negative, after about 3 weeks of presenting the previous symptoms another symptom started, that of extreme hunger even after finishing eating the normal thing I got hungry and I went back for the check-up and this time if my insulin came out high.

Here at this point I started the natural treatment and the pharmacological treatment in this case I used Metformin as my doctor got me 2 times a day before meals not at breakfast for 10 days.

As for the natural treatment, the typical thing in these cases is to lower sugar and fat and exercise, which in my case was difficult because I didn’t have much free time left because of my work.

After this time my insulin did not drop and my doctor’s recommendation was to increase the dose of Metformin to 3 daily doses this time after meals for 15 days, but after this time my insulin did not drop as expected.

Then one of my colleagues told me about glucotrust according to one of her aunts who had been taking it for 2 months and had told her that she felt better thanks to this supplement, the best of all is that she was not using any other drug to maintain her glucose levels insulin and she did have diagnosed diabetes.

I began to investigate and you know these types of pages that talk about supplements or miracle pills leave a lot to be desired, or well, I don’t know, that’s what I think, they give me a little skepticism and more with these health issues.

In short, according to the glucotrust page, it is a supplement that regulates blood sugar levels and this was something I needed since the drug was not working for me and I am taking drugs from experience, that if they do not work at first, it is due dose or change the drug and those high doses of drugs and changes in them degenerate other parts of the body such as the kidneys or the liver, so this is what I wanted to avoid.

And something that glucotrust has is that it is based on natural ingredients and I also like this since it is more difficult for them to generate damage or side effects in the body.

After reading the page I made the decision to try it for 30 days. The bottle arrived after about 5 business days and I started taking it as indicated on the page and something crazy I did was eliminate the Metformin treatment.

After 15 days of taking glucotrust I felt more energetic, however I did not want to give myself false hopes and I waited until I finished the 30-day treatment because this, which was natural, would work for me.

After 30 days since I started taking the supplement, I went to have a check-up with my doctor and surprisingly, my sugar levels were almost back to normal, something that had not happened with the drug and to my surprise with the doctor, I told him what I had done and he scolded me because according to him I was playing with my health by trying things that are not certified medical according to him.

But as I told the doctor I feel better, wasn’t that the main objective? I follow a low sugar and fat diet and from time to time I do cardio exercise for 30 minutes, to which he replied all grumpy “well yes it feels better…” I didn’t add anything else, but I think his anger was that he was using something natural.

So, in view of the results, he decided to request 6 bottles because that way they were cheaper and I had a supplement for 6 months, in order to keep my sugar levels at normal levels, since the results indicated that they were almost normal, not normal totally.

And well, today I can say that if you want to use an alternative to maintain your normal sugar levels, try glucotrust, that is by following a balanced diet, lowering sugar and fat, and exercising, even from time to time.

Recommending this supplement because in my case, as you could read, eliminate my drug and this supplement is based on natural ingredients, it may or may not work for you, but this is my testimony of what has happened to me with this rise in my blood sugar.

This was the page where I bought it..

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