Skin Cell Turnover

Cell turnover is the continuous process of shedding dead skin cells and subsequently replacing them with younger cells. This essential process makes our skin look shinier and tighter, and gets rid of fine lines and wrinkles more quickly.

  • Reduces wrinkles: By using this supplement regularly, you notice a reduction in fine lines, damaged skin and wrinkles. This is because the supplement tones, and firms your skin to smoothen it.
  • Decreases discoloration: Due to sun damage and other factors, your skin complexion can become uneven. This supplement also reduces skin discoloration by toning your skin.
  • Defends your skin: The natural slew of antioxidants in this formula also prevent further damage along with fighting existing damage from toxins on your skin and in its environment.
  • Fights sun damage: The use of this supplement also fights the damage that is caused due to excessive sun exposure which includes dark spots, dryness, oiliness, etc.

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