POWERFUL Tinnitus Support

Quietum Plus is a dietary supplement for tinnitus, formulated to support the auditory system. The supplement targets the root cause of ear ringing.

  • Improves hearing capacity: Quietum Plus may improve hearing capacity by stimulating blood circulation in the inner ear and enhancing the function of hair cells.

  • Improves sound clarity: Quietum Plus may improve sound clarity by increasing the sensitivity of auditory cells and enhancing the processing of sound signals in the brain.

  • Helps prevent age-related hearing loss: Age-related hearing loss is a common condition in which hearing deteriorates over time. Quietum Plus may help prevent age-related hearing loss by improving blood circulation and reducing oxidative stress.

  • Supports cognitive health: The ear and brain are closely related, and hearing is essential for good cognitive health. Quietum Plus may support cognitive health by improving hearing capacity and reducing oxidative stress in the brain. 

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